About Us

Kingdom Colors is a very diverse group of homeschooling families from all ethnic/racial, religious/non-religious affiliations and homeschooling methods and curricula.  Kingdom Colors maintains the philosophy that parents have the responsibility of raising and teaching their children according to their beliefs and values in the manner and style of their own choosing.



The vision of Kingdom Colors Homeschool Support Group is to help families build strong foundations in the homeschooling arena by:

  1. giving support to families
  2. being a tool for information
  3. to members a forum to share ideas and information with each other.



All postings and emails are not intended to be legal advice and are distributed for information purposes only.  Additionally, they are  not intended to be and do not constitute the giving of legal advice.  For more information about the laws and regulations in North Carolina please contact the North Carolina Division of Non-Public Education or your attorney.