Ideas for Streamlining Your Lesson Planning

You have chosen your curriculum and you are all ready to dig in.  Right?  Nope!  All of that great curriculum is useless if you do not have clear and concise plans for how and when you will use it.  Organizing all of the resources and materials that create a value added experience for both you and your child or children is like putting a puzzle together.  It can be frustrating when your time or space are limited.  This can be a challenge for any educator.  Often, homeschool parents have far fewer resources with which to plan.  But, never fear!  Here are a few online resources to assist you with streamlining the planning process. offers free lesson plan resources as well as a premium service that allows uploads, Common Core Standards, and much more.  As far as value goes, this one was not my absolute favorite, although the interface was nice. is one of my top three online lesson planning tools.  It not only allows you to plan your lessons in “the cloud”, it is also an online gradebook too.  Need to generate some reports or look for trends?  It has all of that too!  Best of all, it is completely free! is all the rave among tech savvy educators.  The interface is easy to navigate and it allows you to link to your Pinterest, Sparkpeople and other accounts too.  All accounts begin with 1GB of free storage and there are a couple of ways to get ore without spending a dime.  You can share your lesson plans with others as well as get some wonderful, complete, lesson plans from other educators.  ClassConnect is my personal favorite :)

These are just a few suggestions, and new apps, websites, and other resources are popping up everyday.  Stay tuned!